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1984 Buick Skyhawk Alignment Shim - Rear Mevotech

P311-09FFDC7    MS25034  New

2643087 , 31101 , 615-1097 , 75400 , 754001 , IK916 , IK917 , IK994-1 , IK994-3 , IK994-5 , IK994-6 , IK995-2 , IK995-3 , K100336 , K6717-1 , K916 , K917 , K994-1 , K994-3 , K994-5 , K994-6 , K995-2 , K995-3

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Mevotech Alignment Shim  Rear
  • Alignment Shim
  • Grey Full Contact Dual Angle Shim; Adjustment Range: Camber +/-1.50 degree Toe +/-1.50 degree Check for caliper to rotor clearance with disc brakes. Use spacer set MS50042 as necessary to keep caliper centered on rotor.
Brand: Mevotech
Position: Rear
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1984 - Buick Skyhawk Rear

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

1987 S10 front end falling out from under it!

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Question From joeynevwins on 1987 S10 front end falling out from under it!

1987 s10 front end sounds like its bout to fall out on the road! When I raise the hood and look in on the drivers side of the motor, I see the 'a-frame' mabey? And if I get my wife to turn the wheel all the way one way then all the way back the other way, I see the whole thing moveing, looking like its bout to fall off! There was some type of spacers in there I think, but they're not there any more! I was wondering if anyone, anyone that knows what they're talking about, could tell me how I, which I'm not a mechanic, but I need to know how I can fix this! I drive the truck everyday and I need to fix it soon! Thanks

Response From Discretesignals

You need to get it into a shop and have it checked out. Without looking at it can't tell you what is going on.

Response From joeynevwins

Well i appreciate it fellas, and I understand that the best thing to do is get it to a shop but what I'm tryin to figure out is how not to take it to a shop cause $$$ is tight right now and I just don't have the funds to take it to a shop, so I was wanting to see if I could fix it, or replace the alignment pens myself? I have all the tools I would need, I think! But either way I appreciate yalls advice! This forum sites pretty cool!

Response From Hammer Time

This is how you endanger everybody else on the highway. Unfortunately, the life you take may not be your own.

If you can't fix your car right, get a bicycle.

Response From joeynevwins

All I was tryin' to do was get some good advice on what I should do cause I'm workin' two jobs and I'm stressed out enough and I heard you guys could tell me what I should do! But I didn't know y'all had a smartass in with y'all! It just so happens I do have a bycyle 'HT', but you can stick it up your smartass and ill just get my truck fixed and drive it! But thanks anyway! By the way, see if your momma wants to ride would you???

Response From Discretesignals

Look, there has to be a reason for those shims to fall out. Could be the A arm bushing are shot, rust has rotted something away, or any number of things. Without doing a visual inspection you can't determine what is bad and what needs attention.

You can't screw around with suspension and steering components by being cheap about it and short cutting. You won't need a bicycle because you'll be getting a hearse to take you were you need to be. Speaking of hearse, where is Lydia Robinvale?

Response From Hammer Time

He's gone now anyway.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

joeynevwins : You may still be able to read this and let's end this here. YOU HAVE NOTICED AND DESCRIBED A PROBLEM that could be so hazardous WE would be at fault IMO for suggesting anything but parking it. Perhaps you don't care if it's dangerous to you but if a problem can make a vehicle as hazardous as the problem with this to others that's not responsible all attitudes aside please fix this thing,


Response From Hammer Time

Needless to say......................


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Without seeing I can't say you can even make this safe to move it at all. You may have a lot of tools but bet you don't have an alignment machine to have a clue if no doubt with this alignment will be WAY off, chewing tires up fast even if you only tightened it up.

Regulars here see the $$ issues folks have all the time but I don't see any choice with this - you need a shop and now or don't drive this thing till you do,


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Sounds like the alignment shims may have fallen out. Take DS's advice and get it checked out ASAP before you do a lot more damage or get into a wreck.