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* Warning *
Don't wire money back to anyone... There have been reports of people
wanting to send checks for more then the amount of the purchase, requesting you send money back.
This is a Scam ... Report them to

Helpful Ad Posting Tips to Sell You vehicle:

When Posting an Ad Use a Descriptive Title

"For Sale" or "nice" doesn't Sell. But using a phrase like "1998 dodge pickup" or "68 Chevy Camaro"
uses KeyWords which are searchable on this system and will allow people to locate your car/truck

Also Don't Forget about Google. I bet you didn't know that about 3 Times a week Google, visits these
ads and enters them in its database. So write your title as if you where going to search for
a person selling a similar car and you will have good success.

Don't get me wrong we enjoy listing your used car for sale, but I'm sure the point is for your listing
is to sell the vehicle and not for it to stay in your garage or on the side of your street.

Search the car ads here, and see what other people have done.

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