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Two-Cycle Links (5)

DeVaux Engines Com LLC    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Was Bourke Engine Com LLC. Developing simple, efficient, cleaner, 2-cycle, piston engine technology. Bourke engine was developed in 1930s, patents expired, inventor died after building devices, but with no financial success.

How Two-stroke Engines Work    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Illustrated tutorial with animation describes 2-cycle engines, why you see a sheen of oil around any 2-cycle boat motor, how 2-cycles can do the same tasks as 4-cycles, where used, how they compare to 4-stroke. [HowStuffWorks]

Micro Car Project (Engine Design)    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Documents student engineering project on the study of 2-stroke/cycle engine and changes in its design for micro-car. Sections on the need for a micro-car, various aspects of its design, and other solutions.

Constant Pressure Engines, Inc.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Developing high efficiency, low emission, 2-cycle engines. Current research and development focus/ four cylinder, Scotch yoke, free piston layout, designed by Melvin Vaux, based on Russell Bourke design. Pennsylvania, USA.

Project engineer    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Bourke prototype 30 cubic inch engine 20MB video and Solid Works animation. Judge for yourself-----

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