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Safety Links (24)

Boating Life Magazine    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Website for Boating Life Magazine. This magazine provides safety information, product review, etc. on boats, engines, equipment, and more.

Ocean Rescue Systems    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Water rescue, boat-based rescue and rescue swimmer training agency that provides rescue development programs.

Safety on the Sea    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
This book is brought to you with the permission of the RNLI. It provides useful basic safety guidelines and information you should be aware of before going to sea.

Sea-Me...The Active Radar Target Enhancer    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The Sea-Me Active Radar Target Enhancer offers a quantum leap in radar visibility - the more visible you are the safer you are.

Yachting Universe    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Supplies safety equipment for boats.

Sea Marshall    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Suppliers of man overboard emergency response personal locator beacons & receivers.

Man Over Board Recovery Systems    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Sea Marshall ?Emergency Response Man Over Board Recovery Systems?/ Personal Locator Beacons and Receivers

The National Water Safety Congress    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Promotes water safety, water safety organizations, boater education and disseminates water safety information.

University of Florida - Lightning and Boats    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Principles established from University of Florida lightning research are applied to boats, yachts, power boats, and floating facilities. Links include downloadable video, layman-oriented pamphlet, and discussion of applicable concepts referencing latest research findings.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Part of the Department of Transport, Australia, conducting investigations into marine related accidents and incidents. Reports regarding various incidents available on-line.

The American Boating Association Online    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Offers free benefits to boaters including boating safety, tips and cruising information. Discounts on products and supplies, marinas, and boating magazines.

New Jersey Boating Safety Education    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Offering New Jersey safe boating certification classes. Certification is required by state law in order to operate a personal watercraft vehicle.

Marine Services and Training    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Marine surveys and consultancy for yachts and professionals, insurance surveys, nautical education and software, shipping and training software. Located in Belgium.

Marine night vision using the smallest stabilised night vision camera in the world.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Marine night vision system. System incorporates either low light camera, thermal imager or image intensifiers. Stabilise ro heading pitch and roll up to one hundreth of a degree.

PumpKleen Pump out boats    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Marine Boatbuilders Co. specializes in the design of custom-made pumpout Boats, Work Boats, and Patrol Boats.

AB Commercial and Professional Inflatable Boats    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Manufacturer of AB Profile Series Inflatable Boats for Fire Departments, Military and rescue.

Cospas-Sarsat    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
International satellite system co-ordinated by USA, Russia, France and Canada. Information regarding Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon's (EPIRB's), how they work and who manufactures them.

WWW Tide-Current Predictor    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Harmonic tide and current predictor for the world wide web. This site generates basic tidal predictions after you enter the site and options required.

SAR Water related Discussion Forum    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Discussion forum relating to all kinds of search and rescue operations, techniques, equipment, victim retrievals and anything else you can think of as long as it involves water.

Equasis    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Database containing safety-related information on the world’s merchant fleet from both public and private sources.

BoatSafe Kids    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Boating safety for kids presented in a fun way. Covering subjects from the history of navigation to why boats float.

Marine Chemist Association    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
An independent professional organization composed of marine chemists certified by the National Fire Protection Association.

National Safe Boating Council    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A recognized leader in the promotion of recreational boating safety and education with a membership of over 200 U.S. and Canadian organizations.

The Foundation for Safe Boating and Marine Information, Inc.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A 100 volunteer organization working for a healthy, clean, and safe marine environment. Encompasses waters in and around New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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