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Military Links (28)

Flight Simulation - PC-based Cockpit    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The PC-based Cockpit Project

Flight Simulation - Glass Cockpit #2    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The Glass Cockpit Project

T-Birds Custom Cockpit    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Some pictures and info on home built cockpit.

Home-Page F-16 Simulator    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Scale block 52 F-16

Al's F-16 Simulator Home Page    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Plans based on the real Singer-Link F-16 simulator.

Ron Weins' Cockpit    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Pictures of a fighter jet cockpit built from the seat from an F-101 Voodoo (Vietname Era) and instruments and system modules from actual aircrafts.

Italian Combat Flight Simmer    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Photos, plans and other assorted simulation links.

Avro Arrow 206    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Interactive Arrow page

Eagle 9 Flight Systems    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Info on Home-built Authentic simulator.

V-Pit    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Home-built multi-roll simulation cockpit

The Ejection Site    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Home built sim built with surplus parts, including an F-100 ejection seat.

Aimsworth F-16 Cockpit    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
High end home F-16 Simulator

FLYIT Simulators, Personal and Professional Flight Simulators.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
FLYIT designs and manufactures personal, professional, contract, and entertainment flight simulators. All FLYIT Simulators are completely interactive, full featured.

Multi-Mission Military Simulator    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
F-16 home-built cockpit.

Jet cockpit project.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
F-16 Block 50/52

Air Race Flight Simulation Xtreme Air Racing    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Exact replica of P-51D Mustang.

cf100, f86d simulators    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
ex-military jet simulator restoration

Flight Simulation Project    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Easy design multi roll simulator

Valhalla Inc - Cockpit Project    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Detailed info for home cockpit builders. Lots of photos.

F-4 Phantom Simulator    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Describes the project to build a replica of an F-4 cockpit.

F-16 Cockpit Simulator    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Creating an F-16 cockpit flight simulator utilizing real aircraft parts. News, reference, drawings, photo galleries and links.

F-15C Eagle Flight Simulator Project    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Complete restoration of F-15 for flight simulator. Detailed photos, tips, information.

COMESK    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Cockpits for MS Combat Flight Simulator 2 Aircraft

Real Cockpit Photos    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Cockpit photos, good for R&D.

Simhangar    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Building your own simulator cockpit.

F-16 Flight Simulator Page    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Build your own flight simulator

Hellseat 2000    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A scale F-16 cockpit designed for home PC use.

Hangar 16    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A cockpit project for use with PC flight simulators such as Jane's F/A-18. Cockpit is built of plywood from scratch loosely based on the F/A-18 Hornet.

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