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Ultralight Links (38)

Beaujon Ultralights    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Site offers complete set of 7 ultralight plans and manual on How to Build Ultralights, by Herbert Beaujon.

Cloud Dancer    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Personal page about a Challenger Ultralight.

Trike Net Links.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Ultralight Trike resource site with directory and meta search of several ultralight aviation databases.

Ultralight News    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Ultralight information resource site.

All About Ultralights    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Ultralight and trike information resource. Covers every aspect of ultralight aircraft and mostly trikes.

A Beginners Guide to Ultralight Flying    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
This site is about Ultralight Flying and videotapes about Ultralight Flying by Brian FitzGerald.

Aero Connections Online    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The online version of AERO Connections Magazine ~ a publication of Aero Sports

Sky Eye    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Sky Eye video mount.

Rotax Owners Association News    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Service information and technical bulletins.

My Trike Website    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Sean Scott is a T-5 paraplegic who fly and deals in Cosmos Weightshift Trikes.

PA Powerchutes    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Provides sales and training. Lists new and used equipment available and provides details of training and past students.

Aviazione Leggera    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Provides information on ultralight flying in Italy. Details of clubs, regulations, events and airfields

Powered Parachute Plans    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Plans and components needed to build a 1 or 2 place powered parachute carriage.

Neville Paintin    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Pilot of a Thruster Gemini.

Lou&Meg's Powered Parachute Page    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Personal page containing general information, sale information, and photos.

UltralightsUSA    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Our goal is to serve the entire Ultralight Flying Community with information, and service. We are ASC, EAA, & USUA friendly! Events such as fly-ins and cross countries, will be listed to help you keep up with what's happening in the Ultralight Community. You are always as welcome as a calm afternoon. Meanwhile we invite you to wander around and see what we have on-line so far. There is much more coming.

Ultralight videos    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Nice choice of videos for the ultralight pilot.

UltraFlight Magazine    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Monthly magazine dedicated to ultralight and microlight pilots. Promotes the industry, emphasizing safety, advances in technology, and regulatory issues that affect the ultralight community.

Microlight Pilot Lessons and Trial Flights    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Microflights offer pilot training and trial flights on flexwing microlights. we are based at finmere aerodrome near buckingham in the uk.

Ultralights in Brazil.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Local information such as flight schools and ultralight types.

Trikes R US    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Links for Trike Enthusiasts.

Durham Microlights    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Light-hearted gossip around the microlight clubs in North East UK. Also handy microlighting tips and microlight accessories available on-line. Includes a microlighters'forum

Microlight Aviation in South Africa    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Information site. Details of airfields, pilots, local regulations, schools and clubs, events and classifieds.

Ultralight Flyer Video Magazine    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Information on ultralight aviation, ultralight flight reports, parachutes, floats and flight training.

The Ultra-Light Flight Site    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Information about ultralight flying, links and downloads. In English and Dutch.

USUA Club #011    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Houston Area Light Flyers Club

John's Gyrocopter Page    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Facts and ideas for gathering information on flying and building gyroplanes and gyrocopters. Includes links to suppliers, reviews, events and other resources.

Atec Aviation, Inc.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Distributor of ATEC ultralight aircraft products. Offers product specifications and images as well as a dealer list.

Mainair Flash Pages    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Detailed parts catalog give an insight on trike construction. For Mainair Flash 2 Alpha aircraft.

Ultralight Pilot    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Created by Mark Carter, an ultralight pilot, for ultralight pilots. Links, photos, videos and classifieds.

Powered Parachutes & Sport Flying    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Contains a list of instructors and training facilities for powered parachute flying. Includes details of rules and regulations, coming events, reports on past events and pictures.

Wing4u.Com    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Categorized photo gallery of aircraft including power parachutes and trikes.

Southern Landings    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Catalogs backyard airstrips and other ultralight friendly airports in the southeastern United States.

Ultralights in Northwestern Ontario    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
An attempt to create a site for ultralighters in Northwestern Ontario

Introduction to Ultralight Aviation    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A website about ultralight airplanes and helicopters. includes advice on building buying and managing your own ultralight aircraft and lsa

Steve Kiblinger    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A picture history of building the Legal Eagle Ultralight and 1/2 Milholland Better Half 2 cylinder VW engine.

Buyer's Guide for Ultralight Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
334 ultralight aircraft, trikes, powered parachutes and engines are described along with a list of 4,000 instructors. All the kits, plans and prices.

The Ultralight Home Page    [Details]   [Report link Broken]

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