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Plans Build Links (36)

Cricri    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Dedicated to the MC15 CRICRI. Ask questions, also build project stories.

Affordaplane    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
An ultralight airplane, which is plans built, bolt-together. Flight clips, specifications and construction photos.

Sonex__    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Detailed documentation of construction of a Sonex plans-built airplane.

Vintage Ultralite and Liteplane Association (V.U.L.A.)    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
This organisation rescues and preservs older light plane technology. The site covers a multitude of plans built designs. These include Aqua Glider, Neiuport,B1-RD, PDQ-2,Birdman TL1-A, Petit Breezy, Bobcat / Supercat, Popular Mechanics Woodhopper, Buchaneer, Quail & Woody Pusher,Chotia Gypsy, Raz-Mut,Easy Riser, Ritz Std, and many others.

Homebuilt Ultralight G-1 Helicopter    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Build the world's tiniest one-person ultralight helicopter. Plans, kits and parts are available.

Vision Construction Site by Frank Alvarez    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
View the construction of Vision #189, an affordable plans built composite aircraft. This site provides pictures, narratives and helpful hints.

Canard Aviator's Airpark    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The E-Racer is a fast 2-place canard with retractable gear. Site contains information on this and other canard aircraft.

Barracuda Builder's Site    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
All wood, two place, 200 m.p.h., plans built Barracuda. Informative photos, information and a link to purchase the plans for the Barracuda.

Randi and Chrissi's Miss-Adventures in aircraft building    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Two girls building a Cozy Mk-IV canard airplane featuring a 300HP turbo Mazda rotary engine and fully retractable landing gear.

American Affordable Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
This two-place, composite sport plane is the only plans built, all composite plane that is not a canard. It is specifically designed for first time builders.

KitLog Pro by Aeroware Enterprises, LLC    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
This robust program allows you to create, archive, maintain, and display the entire building process of your experimental aircraft.

Little Toot Designed by George Meyer's    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
The original Little Toot wins the Paul Poberezny Award at the 2000 EAA Oshkosh Air Adventure. This homebuilt, designed in 1957, was said to be ahead of its time.

Volmer VJ-22 Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Source of Plans and a lot of information about the VJ-22 Amphibious Airplane.

The Gyrobee    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Ralph Taggart's gyrobee is a plans built gyroplane which can be made very easily using plans that are freely downloadable over the Internet. An excellent, safe and great beginners gyro.

Quickie Builders Association Plans Library    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Quickie Aircraft family of plans and links.

Pietenpol Air Camper and Sky Scout Family-Business Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
PIETENPOL Air Camper and Sky Scout Family/Business Aircraft - Dedicated to Bernard H. Pietenpol - (1901-1984), an Aviator, Aircraft Designer, and Builder. Plans/Blueprints available from Family.

Pazmany Pl-2    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Photographs of this plans-built plane, with notes on flying the aircraft and its handling characteristics.

Mirage Aircraft Inc.    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Mirage Aircraft Inc. offers homebuilt aircraft and sportplane plans, kits, supplies, information, workshops and videos.

Evans Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Market plans for VW powered aircraft you build. Engineered, stressed and tested, VP's fly in practically every country worldwide.

Bakeng Deuce    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Information on the plans built Bakeng Deuce.

Pazmanzy Aircraft Corporation    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Information on a great variety of Pazmany designs.

Whittaker Aircraft__ MW Club    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Info about aeroplanes designed by Mike Whittaker. They have been designed for amateur construction using widely available materials, safe to fly and simple to contruct. Plans available here.

Pitts Special Building site    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
How to put the wings on a Pitts Aerobatic Biplane. Different wing variations, what we did right and what we did wrong.

Hummel Bird-- Hummel Aviation Bryan Ohio    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Homepage of Hummel Aviation Bryan Ohio info on the UltraCruiser, CA-2, Hummel Bird and UC Plus includes much of Morry Hummel's info pack content.

Indian Helicopter    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Homebuilt helicopter you can build from plans for $8000/USD or less.

EZ Squadron    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Home of the Southern California EZ Squadron. Featuring items of interest about canard aircraft - VariEze, Long-EZ, Defiant, Cozy, Berkut, E-Racer, Velocity and other experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

E- Plans Delivery    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Engineered plans and how-to instructions for building an ultralight aircraft, personal helicopter, and other homebuild projects. These are available for online delivery.

Cozy MkIV, How to build your own experimental airplane    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Dutch homebuilder site, building the first dutch aerodiesel Cozy MkIV

Mustang II - Rick's page devoted to this plane    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Description of building a Mustang II experimental airplane. Numerous photos, performance information and downloadable files to make a flight manual. Links to other Mustang and aviation sites.

Junqua Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Description and contact for the Ibis, an advanced ultralight canard aircraft. Includes history, concepts, technical data, performances, countries where Ibis is under construction.

A Personal Indian Helicopter    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
Build a personal ultralight or experimental helicopter for under $8,000 - plans $29.00

The Jodel Aircraft    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
All about Jodel Aircraft.

KR2 Construction Site - Owen MacPherson's    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A site detailing the building of a Rand Robinson KR2 aircraft. Information is presented in the form of a construction log with photos.

Wolf W-11 Boredom Fighter - Un-Official Home    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A site dedicated to builder support and information for the Wolf W-11 Boredom Fighter biplane.

Cozy MK-IV -- Brian DeFord's Adventure    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A personal diary and instructional site devoted to building a Cozy MK-IV homebuilt canard aircraft.

Cozy MKIV Building Experience    [Details]   [Report link Broken]
A Cozy MKIV powered by a Lycoming O-540 engine. Not standard but should climb like a Bat out of hell.

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